JK VAASTU recommend the following considerations while choosing a rental home:

  • JKVaastu works for the space resided by the tenant in the rental house.
  • The main door direction of the home, often known as the ‘facing’ of the house, is the direction you face upon exiting the house.
  • The Vaastu of the main door is the most significant factor to consider while renting a home. According to your date of birth, it should be in your favorable direction.
  • Avoid properties near T and L intersections.
  • The gas nobe in the kitchen should face your favorable direction.
  • The reflective mirror in the bedroom does not remain open when sleeping.
  • Temples, churches, mosques, and regularly crowded venues are not permitted to be located within 150 feet of the dwelling.
  • The house should be square or rectangular in shape, with no cuts or extensions in any direction.
  • Avoid houses with extended balconies.
  • Large trees, power plants, and electric poles should not be placed in front of the front entryway.

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Key Point on Vaatu

Vastu depends on wind light, directions and building shape and 9 positions in the house and distribution of positive and negative energy.

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