Vaastu remedies are a set of practices from traditional Indian architecture that aim to harmonize the energy flow in a living or working space. Here are some common Vaastu remedies that are suggested by practitioners:

  • Clutter Clearing: Remove unnecessary clutter and ensure that the space is well-organized. Clutter can create stagnant energy and hinder positive vibrations.
  • Directional Balancing: Properly align the main entrance, rooms, and furniture in the house according to Vaastu principles to optimize the flow of energy.
  • De-Clutter : Maintain a clean and tidy environment in all areas of the house. This is connected with mental clarity and wealth.
  • Use of Mirrors: Mirrors can be strategically placed to reflect and amplify positive energies, but avoid placing them opposite the main entrance.
  • Natural Light and Ventilation: Ensure good natural light and ventilation in all rooms to maintain a positive and healthy environment.
  • Avoidance of Negative Symbols: Avoid displaying images or symbols that may carry negative connotations, as they can impact the energy of the space.
  • Plants and Flowers: Keeping indoor plants and fresh flowers can add positive energy to the surroundings.
  • Salt Cleansing: While tidying all rooms, mix some rock salt with water.
  • Water Elements: Water features like a small fountain or aquarium can be placed in the North direction to attract prosperity.
  • Colors and Paintings: Choose soothing and positive colors for the walls, and hang uplifting paintings or artwork to create a harmonious atmosphere.
  • Bed Placement: Place the bed in a way that the head faces the good direction for a peaceful and restful sleep.
  • Sound Therapy: Playing calming and uplifting music or chanting can help purify the atmosphere.

It’s essential to remember that while Vaastu remedies are followed by some, their effectiveness is a matter of personal belief and cultural tradition. Always prioritize your own comfort and well-being when making changes to your living or working space. If you’re unsure about implementing any Vaastu remedies, consider seeking advice from JK vaastu consultant.

When Vaastu defects occur in a living or working space, believers suggest that it can lead to various problems and challenges. It’s essential to note that Vaastu principles are based on scientific method. However, here are some common problems that some people associate with Vaastu defects:

It is crucial to remember that individual experiences and perceptions can vary significantly, and not everyone attributes these problems to Vaastu defects. Many other factors, such as lifestyle, mental state, and external circumstances, can influence these issues. Consult us for more details and get your remedy for vaastu defect.

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Key Point on Vaatu

Vastu depends on wind light, directions and building shape and 9 positions in the house and distribution of positive and negative energy.

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