When selecting a plot of land to acquire as a home or commercial space, it is critical to do it in accordance with Vaastu. This is because the plot of land is a set form that will not shift;therefore you want to ensure that it emanates positive energy and avoids negative energy. Home Vaastu Shastra differs from plot Vaastu. So, if you’re wondering if you’ve got the appropriate plot.

Plot Summary:

To radiate positivity, your plot of land must be tranquil, calm, and surrounded by plenty of flora. The fertile soil indicates that the allotment is surrounded by good soil. Before proceeding with the plot, Vaastu suggests standing on the soil and feeling the vibrations. You must be upbeat while you are there. Any harmful or negative thoughts should be avoided.

Site orientation:

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Shape of the plot

Another critical feature of plot Vaastu is the form of the plot or land chosen. The four most popular shapes are as follows:

Square Plot:

A square plot with equal length and width is said to be the best construction site. Vaastu ensures overall growth, prosperity, and pleasure. Houses were created around a central square courtyard in ancient times for greater ventilation, and it was thought to be the most ideal.

Rectangular plot:

Vaastu considers a plot with a length and breadth ratio of 1:2 to be a favourable land selection. It is said to be best suitable if the length faces north and the breadth faces west. These plots bring excellent health, money, and prosperity.

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Key Point on Vaatu

Vastu depends on wind light, directions and building shape and 9 positions in the house and distribution of positive and negative energy.

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